Kennel Software and Cattery Software – Pet Manager

This is what Pet Manager replaces

In 2013 we had a busy Pet Resort come to us for a new website. We happily created the website which was extremely successful for them increasing their bookings significantly. During that process though we recognised that their other systems also needed modernising. scheduling-sheetIt was suprising to us that they still used a massive double A3 bookings register to manage all their bookings. Since then we have realised that paper only solutions are not that uncommon in the Pet Boarding Industry. When they took a booking they had to flip through the book and find a space and then use a pencil, ruler and eraser to mark in and move bookings. To manage the customers they had a series of flip cards kept in (almost) alphabetical order. When a customer arrived to book in they had to flip through all the cards to find the right one. Then the card was filled up with information of their stay. As you can well imagine this system was not perfect and mistakes could be made. We saw a massive opportunity to provide them with a digital solution.

They already had a pc at the office for checking emails and booking requests so they had the tools ready to use. We investigated the options for Pet Resort Software looking for the following criteria. Pet Boarding Software that:

  • Uses a modern online interface that didn’t need to be installed locally
  • Runs super fast so there is no waiting when checking in/out or making bookings
  • Is User Freindly so that even people not used to using a computer can easily use it
  • Is Affordable and has a price that is lower for Kennels and Catteries that are smaller
  • Has great Australian support and if possible is Australian made Software

Kennel Software SchedulerWe couldn’t find anything that could fit the requirements. So we decided to make the software ourselves and created Pet Manager.

That Pet Resort went on to use the Software and it revolutionized the way they did business. Checkins and Checkouts were a breeze. They stayed in touch with their customers with automated emails and customers were very happy with the new level of customer service they were able to offer.

In 2016 after 2 and a half years of development we released Pet Manager to be used in Pet Resorts across Australia and New Zealand. The software is proving extremely popular and signups across Australia have been strong. Several Pet Resorts have requested features be added to the Software and we are constantly updating Pet Manager to include new features.

If you are running a modern Pet Resort and need a solution that can help your business grow then speak to us today. Visit for more details and to signup for a 60 day free trial.