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Below you will find technical articles related to the work we do. As we find solutions to issues our customers face, we post some of them here to help the global community!

What is a Hosted Exchange Email Solution and why is it perfect for Small Businesses?

Exchange is a Corporate Email and Communication solution created by Microsoft that offers many benefits over traditional “POP” email accounts. Contacts, Emails, Calendar and Reminders can all be automatically synced to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. It works perfectly with Microsoft Outlook, as Outlook was designed to work with Exchange in a corporate

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Can I recover the data from a hard drive that is no longer accessible?

When you get the dreaded Device not recognised or Not formatted. Would you like to format? on a USB drive, or your computer won’t boot with a No boot device available or similar message – then you may have experienced what most of us will in our lifetime – a hard drive failure. When this

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iPhone is not appearing in My Computer as a camera. Unable to copy photos/images off iphone to PC

When you go to My Computer you usually see your iPhone as a camera. This allows you to browse the camera part of the phone and download or copy the images you want to your PC . When this happens a PC usually asks you in a dialogue box what you want to do with

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Solution for Keyboard issue/problem – Apostrophe and Double Quote, Quotation marks, Tilde and Hat do not appear until another key is pressed on Windows 7

Very strange problem at a Sunshine Coast Business IT client where quotes “ and apostrophes ‘ would not display until the client pressed another key. Then this key and the quote or apostrophe would appear on the screen. I did some further testing and the tilde ~ and the hat (is that what it is

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Do I really need IT support for my business? I have someone working for me who helps with that.

Almost every business has a person in-house who is the “go-to” person to solve IT issues. You may even be that person in your business?  What OJ Networks often seen though is that if the issue is a complex one or if there more than just a couple of staff to support, then this person

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