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Below you will find technical articles related to the work we do. As we find solutions to issues our customers face, we post some of them here to help the global community!

What are the differences between POP3, IMAP and Exchange Online Email?

Are your emails different on your phone to your work computer? Do you have two different sent items? If you are experiencing this frustration you may still be running POP3 mail. POP3 works by storing the messages from your inbox on an internet server. When you “pop” the mail out of your inbox it comes

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A Word of Warning – Why to use a local computer expert – Fake Online Windows Support

The screenshot attached to this post will provide a good laugh to anyone that knows Windows. What the supposed “Windows Technical Support” expert has done here is type commands like “14 Trojans Found”, “Drivers Corrupt” and “Hackers to Network”! into command prompt and then tell the computer owner that their computer is infected and needs

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My external hard drive has stopped working. Can I retrieve the data?

External hard drives are not immune to having issues. They are often transported around and bumped and knocked more than a drive in your computer. Many people consider these USB drives as a “backup” device and then proceed to place the only copy of their information on them. Remember that in order for it to

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My house has Wi-Fi dead spots. How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal to cover my whole house?

If you have a multi-storey home or a very long one that is made of concrete, you may find that the Wi-Fi signal from your modem/router doesn’t carry right through the house. This can be frustrating as your mobile devices keep switching back to 3g when they lose the signal. There are a couple of

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Storage on Microsoft Exchange Online Plans is Doubling in Australia – from 25GB to 50GB

Microsoft has announced that it will be doubling the storage provided to 50GB from the current 25GB provided. Most users probably haven’t reached the ceiling of 25GB yet however it makes what is already a very attractive enterprise-grade email solution even better. The mailbox size will be automatically implemented so Exchange Online Users will not

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