What are the differences between POP3, IMAP and Exchange Online Email?

Are your emails different on your phone to your work computer? Do you have two different sent items? If you are experiencing this frustration you may still be running POP3 mail.

POP3 works by storing the messages from your inbox on an internet server. When you “pop” the mail out of your inbox it comes down to your PC or device. Most devices nowadays are setup to leave the messages on the server for 7 or 14 days which means you can retrieve the same messages on multiple devices. However, if you read a message on one device it doesn’t update on the other one. You can never sync your sent items in a POP3 setup either.

IMAP is slightly better. It stores your Inbox, sent items and other folders on an internet server and you synchronize the folders when you send/receive. This means you can see your sent items on multiple devices. The problem with IMAP is that it is normally hosted by the people who host your website and you can run out of space fast. The alternative is Exchange Online. This product gives you complete synchronization of all your email folders and contacts, calendars and reminders. It works on apple, android and windows devices and computers and comes with a massive 50gb of storage per mailbox. There are numerous other benefits such as sharing calendars with colleagues.

At $4.40 per mailbox per month there is no reason you need to feel frustrated anymore. If you are look for Exchange Email on the Sunshine Coast then give us a call or email to discuss your upgrade options.

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