My external hard drive has stopped working. Can I retrieve the data?

External hard drives are not immune to having issues.

They are often transported around and bumped and knocked more than a drive in your computer. Many people consider these USB drives as a “backup” device and then proceed to place the only copy of their information on them.

Remember that in order for it to be a backup it needs to be a copy of the information stored on your main hard drive.

In the case where your external hard drive is not responding, the data may still be accessible. There is a controller on most external drives that may be malfunctioning.  In this case we can remove the drive and put it into a new external caddy to get it working again. In some cases through the actual drive is faulty and the data may not be able to be retrieved.

Which is why you should only keep a backup copy of your data on there!

Drop in or give us a call if you have any issues with external USB drives on the Sunshine Coast.

Authored by Ian


Ian Johnson is a Director of OJ Networks. He has been working in IT since 1995. Mentored by the best, Ian started as Technical Support Officer for an innovative dialup ISP in Brisbane “Hub Communications”. He progressed to become a Web Design and Programmer in ASP, ASP.NET and PHP during his time at “The Lab Development Group” with David Vandenberg amonst others. Ian has been working as a Consultant on the Sunshine Coast since 2001 and became a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) Server Administrator in 2010 after which he formed OJ Networks. He has assisted numerous small businesses to reach their potential through IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation and Web design, Development and Web Marketing. You can connect with Ian on Linked In.

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