What to look for in a Sunshine Coast Website Designer?


Got a great idea for a website? Here are some key points to take on board when filtering through the hundreds of choices in web designers.

(1) Are they local? Having a great designer in another state or country might seem feasible but in the back and forth of design and implementation – nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Being on the coast means they will understand your business.

(2) Are they actually performing the work? Many Australian companies have a sales front and send the coding and/or design work offshore. Usually cheaper but you’re not supporting Aussie Jobs and when things go wrong the locals may not have the technical skills to fix it.

(3) Are they willing to help you with goals and strategies as part of their quote? You may have a plan for your site but a good web designer can give you a great site plan and focus on “calls to action” – getting your customers to act on your goals.

(4) Have they built a number of high traffic sites before? Nothing substitutes for experience. Having some high profile or high traffic sites under their belt means a web designer has seen and solved the many issues a more complex site involves.

(5) Are they providing a complete solution for social media and marketing? Facebook, Twitter, Analytics,  SEO, Google Adwords – you will want to utilise these tools and more to market your brand to the full spectrum of opportunities available.


OJ Networks answers ‘YES‘ to all of these questions for businesses looking to bring their Sunshine Coast business online or create a website on the Sunshine Coast.

TickWe are local – based in the heart of Coolum Beach – our offices are easy to find (across from Tickle Park) and we are always ready to meet face-to-face with you to discuss your online ideas. We know what makes Sunshine Coast businesses tick. We understand the tourist economy and how to market to it online.

We have highly skilled designers and coders on our staff. We can design custom templates from scratch. If you want a cheaper option we can utilize a pre-designed template and modify it to your needs.  If something isn’t right with your site coding we will fix it.

TickToo many sites on the net are simple brochure sites. They have no call to action and no reason for people to interact with them. For example – if you are selling a product or service your goal should be to get people to enquire or purchase from you. We are experts in funnelling your visitors to these goals which results in more revenue for your business and really makes your site worthwhile.

TickSites we have built attract thousands of visitors a day. They are fast and responsive. They are functional and easy to navigate. Whatever your requirements we can deliver an online product to make your ideas a reality.

TickWe believe in empowering our customers. As part of our packages we integrate with tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to allow our customers to track how their site is performing. We integrate with Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter to begin social interactions for our customers. We can help setup AdWords and facebook advert campaigns to boost your traffic overnight.

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Authored by Ian


Ian Johnson is a Director of OJ Networks. He has been working in IT since 1995. Mentored by the best, Ian started as Technical Support Officer for an innovative dialup ISP in Brisbane “Hub Communications”. He progressed to become a Web Design and Programmer in ASP, ASP.NET and PHP during his time at “The Lab Development Group” with David Vandenberg amonst others. Ian has been working as a Consultant on the Sunshine Coast since 2001 and became a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) Server Administrator in 2010 after which he formed OJ Networks. He has assisted numerous small businesses to reach their potential through IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation and Web design, Development and Web Marketing. You can connect with Ian on Linked In.

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